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Polarized Sunglasses

Special sunglasses designed to cut out the glare from the sun reflecting off the road and the car's hood are called polarized sunglasses. Too much of this type of glare can easily fatigue the eyes and make you sleepy while driving during the day. These sunglasses are good for truckers, taxi drivers or anyone that does a lot of day time driving because they reduce glare. To make driving safe consider wearing polarized sunglasses.

Most fishermen wish they could see the fish in the water, but can't because of the glare of the sun reflecting off the surface of the water. Wearing regular sunglasses help a little, but still can't overcome the glare enough to be able to see the fish. We now have special nonglare polarized sunglass which cuts out almost all of the reflected surface glare allowing the fisherman to see exactly where the fish are in the water.

Regular boaters love these glasses as well because removing the surface glare just makes boating that much more fun.

What makes polarized sunglasses different than regular sunglasses? Regular sunglasses absorb a certain percentage of the various wave lengths of light. If the sunglass is grey, that means it absorbs all the wave lengths equally. This is generally the most popular color because the color values have not been altered. The second most recommended color would be green, which means it absorbs green the least and the other wave lengths more. Green is in the middle of the visual spectrum which is the safest most comfortable color for the eyes. It is more effective at blocking out the infrared and ultraviolet rays which are at the ends of the visual spectrum and are the most harmful.

When sunlight strikes a surface like smooth water, the more vertical rays enter the water and are transmitted to objects like fish that are beneath the surface that absorb these rays. The more horizontal rays that are reflected off the surface become reflected glare. These rays are called polarized because they do not contain the vertical component. Sunglasses that are made to transmit the vertical component only and absorb the horizontal rays are polarizing sunglasses.

To better visualize this, imagine sunlight coming thru an unobstructed window. Then imagine behind that window a horizontal venetian blind where the slats were partially opened and horizontal slits of sunlight are shining thru. These horizontal slits of light you can think of as polarized, because there is no vertical component just like the light that reflected off the water. Now imagine that behind the horizontal blind there is a partially opened vertical venetian blind that cuts down on the horizontal slits much like the polarizing sunglasses that transmits the vertical component and cuts down the horizontal portion. In other words the horizontal blinds cut down the vertical component and the vertical blinds cut down the horizontal component to where virtually no light would enter the room. The polarized sunglasses work like the vertical venetian blind. They allow the vertical component that has entered the water to enter the eye, but they cut out the horizontal component that has reflected off the waters surface that became the glare.


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